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Terri-Karelle Reid, Digicel Foundation join in Braille machine drive

In honour of Blind Awareness Month this October, Dr Terri-Karelle Reid, a media and communications practioner, is collaborating with the Digicel Foundation to launch a campaign aimed at enhancing the educational opportunities for blind and visually impaired students in Jamaica.

The campaign, titled “Follow the Trail, Invest in Braille,” focuses on addressing the critical shortage of Braille machines at the Salvation Army School for the Blind – Jamaica’s sole school for blind and visually impaired students. Presently, only 26 Braille machines are available to serve over 130 enrolled students.

Dr Reid stated, “While we as a society discuss the importance of literacy and numeracy, we often overlook entire communities with special needs that require specialized resources to achieve literacy. Every child, whether blind or otherwise, must have access to equitable education. We are committed to ensuring that no one gets left behind.”

Charmaine Daniels, CEO of the Digicel Foundation, commenting on the partnership with Dr Reid said: “Every child has a fundamental right to quality education. We must uphold this right for our blind and visually impaired students as well. We aim to bridge the gap and empower these students with the tools they need to succeed.”

An excerpt from Loop Jamaica News, click here to read full article.

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