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Combined Disabilities Association (CDA)

Combined Disabilities Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, its main focus is advocacy. The board of Directors consists of persons who are physically disabled, blind and deaf, intellectually impaired, hearing impaired as well as non-disabled individuals who may be co-opted.)

Tel: +1 876-929-1177
Address: 5 Ripon Rd, Kingston, Jamaica
Website: dogoodjamaica.org/organizations/combined_disabilities_association

Digicel Jamaica Foundation

The Digicel Jamaica Foundation is a non-profit organisation that utilizes funds on a charitable basis. The foundation is one of the major corporate foundations in Jamaica to focus on Special Needs. As there continues to be challenges caused by the lack of funding and awareness, Digicel Jamaica Foundation is helping to create a world where no one gets left behind by shining a spotlight on those with physical, intellectual and other developmental disabilities.


Tel: +1 876 619 5179
Address: 14 Ocean Blvd, Kingston, Jamaica
Website: https://www.digicelfoundation.org/jamaica/en/home.html

Jamaica Association for the Deaf (JAD)

Providing support to increase the quality of life for the deaf and hard-of-Hearing community. Our services include education, a wide range of screening and diagnostic hearing tests, interpretation, Jamaican Sign Language training, book binding, school to work transition and other social services.

The Salvation Army School for the Blind

The Salvation Army is the sole provider of a school for the blind and visually handicapped children in Jamaica. Provision is made for 110 children on a secure Campus, which includes a varied expression of Salvation Army ministry, namely a children’s home, a residence for blind adults, a Salvation Army Corps and basic school. This engenders a sense of community.

Address: 57 8 Mannings Hill Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: +1 876-925-1362

Jamaica Society for the Blind

The mission of the Jamaica Society for the Blind is to promote the welfare, education and employment of blind and visually impaired persons in Jamaica as well as to prevent avoidable blindness. To that end, we carry out varying rehabilitation services geared at helping newly blind persons to adjust and become more independent as well as offer different methods of support to ensure the betterment of the lives of persons belonging to the blind and visually impaired community. There is also the JSB Vision Centre which offers primary eye health care services to the population to try and help prevent avoidable blindness in the country.


Address: 111 1/2, 6 Old Hope Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: +1 876-927-6757

Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD)

Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf exists to reach, teach, and nurture the Deaf of Jamaica. Their mission is to enable full language access and affirmation in an inclusive community whereby knowledge is empowered to know the Lord, appreciate diversity and understand the functions of the world.


Address: 4 Cassia Park Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: +1 876-923-6103

Website: https://www.cccdjamaica.org/